Friends of the Riverside Public Library

WHAT are the Friends of the Library?
  • A nonprofit membership organization dedicated to preserving and improving the city library system of Riverside, CA.
HOW do they help the Library?
  • By advocating for the library. The Friends raise public awareness of the importance of library services in our community.
  • By donating time and money to the Library. Ongoing book sales, membership dues, donations, grants, and community partnerships allow the Friends to give the Library significant funds every year to help pay for programs and materials. Friends’ volunteers also represent the Library at community events, sort and price books for the book sales, shelve Library materials, and assist with Library programs.
WHO can join?
  • Membership is open to all individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and institutions.
WHY should YOU join?
  • To be a part of a group effort to improve your community.
  • To meet people who share your interest in books, libraries, and a better Riverside.
  • To receive special invitations to FOL events and tours, as well as Library and community events.
WHEN would you be needed?
  • It all depends on how much time you have to give. You can choose from activities that require daily, weekly, or monthly time commitments. Among the roles and activities available are:
    • Serve as volunteer coordinator
    • Help plan events like the Annual Meeting
    • Volunteer at First Sundays
    • Shelve or mend books
    • Sort and ready donated books for sale
    • Serve as Friends of the Library webmaster

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